Seth A. Bailey

In November 1995, seventeen-year-old Seth Bailey was passionate about sports. A junior at Iowa Mennonite High School, he was surprised when a sore leg turned into something serious. A diagnose of soft-tissue synovial sarcoma cancer came as a shock to all who knew Seth. His family and friends rallied around him while he learned that his best chance to defeat cancer was through an amputation of his right leg. Seth showed courage during and beyond cancer and returned to the sports he loved by playing high school varsity basketball with his prosthesis.

Just five years after cancer first appeared in his life, it returned to his lungs and chest. Seth endured a year of chemotherapy and radiation and although cancer was a part of Seth's life, it didn't define his life. His courage and determination led him to become an intern for the U.S. Olympic Committee in 2002. He continued as an athlete and trained as a swimmer in the Paralympics.

His battle was not yet done. In November 2002 more cancerous tumors were found in and around his lungs. Seth died in October 2003 after a heroic fight to live. All who knew him remember his courage.